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Wenzhou valve by national large enterprises to maintain a steady increasing

Wenzhou City, valves and other industrial sectors, as a perfect industrial chain, has always had a strong regional concentration and market competitive advantage. Reporters recently visited Wenzhou valve hometown, pipeline companies learned in the domestic industry overcapacity in the more common situation, the city valves, pipes and other enterprises, with many years of accumulated technology, accelerate the development of new products, at the same time by means of the central enterprises and other large project construction companies, to expand domestic and international markets, so that enterprises can maintain a steady increase in business benign momentum.
    Valve industry:
    New technology developed by the accumulation of profit
    "Now the market competition is very fierce, and only accelerate the development of new products, in order to increase profits." Minister Sales Ltd. Zhejiang Petrochemical Valve Wang Chengdong Road to reporters.
    Wenzhou Wedo Valve Co., Ltd., founded in 2016, is a national high-tech enterprises, with provincial-level high-tech research and development center. The company is China Petrochemical, China Petroleum, CNOOC three major groups in the company's supply network member units, but it is also the Group, Shenhua Group, metallurgical, power supply of qualified suppliers. Valve products include ten categories, a total of more than 6,000 model specifications, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other industries, and exported to Europe, the Middle East and other regions.
    "In recent years, our annual sales of over 400 million yuan, more stable business development. Currently petrochemical raw material prices are low, we mainly rely on new projects to expand the sales of petrochemical enterprises, it is also expected to be affected by overall market conditions. a few years ago, the domestic refining standards improved, resulting in refinery production equipment to be transformed, but also increased market demand for valves. "Wang Chengdong said.
    The new plant in Zhejiang Petrochemical Valve, the reporter saw in the workshop, more than 20 million yuan investment from Japan to introduce five MAZAK CNC machine tools. This machine is a closed-end jobs, the valve embryo into the machine, set up the data from the automatic grinding machine tool products. This machine has a high precision characteristics, production of major products for export. A single product production time can be shortened by half, about the need to manually reduced to the original 20%.
    Valve product types, to take a more customized production approach, which requires companies to have a certain accumulation of technology, in order to attract customer orders. It has 13 invention patents, utility model patents 15, won the provincial science and technology award two prize three times, three prize 1 times. Corporate R & D team of senior engineers nearly 10 people, nearly half of the company's own culture. In the human resources and technology development, companies focus on cooperation with research institutes, colleges and universities rely mainly on cutting-edge technology to solve.
    "Next, we want to boost export sales. High-end machine products are mainly for export. A few years ago, we have a natural gas project in Kazakhstan for the central enterprises to do matching, a project to promote the export of valve products more than 2000 million." Wang Chengdong representative said. (According to the Wenzhou Daily)