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Valve industry market has benefited from Chinese economic development

There are a lot of valve companies in China and can produce many products, from gate valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, ball valve etc multiple types. Up to now, the Chinese valve industry can produce more than a dozen categories of valve products, the max using temperature can more than 1000 C degree, the lowest temperature of -196 C degree, extreme pressure of 600 Mpa. These are basically meet the needs of domestic market.
The development of chinese valve companies is inseparable from the development of the market. In the future, China's valve industry market prospect is broad, especially driven by the state investment, the valve market will be in a steady rise in status. Now the current policy in China is to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, valve manufacturing is important in the equipment manufacturing industry, will also get supported by the state. The valve industry is the important field for the equipment manufacturing industry. Also the market should thanks to the fixed investment. 
The development of the valve industry will benefit from the continued development of state-owned economy and the expansion of fixed investment for a long time in the future. For several projects such as West Gas to East, West Power to East and South Water to North projects will use a lot of valves and related products, this long-term stability of large-scale investment projects are required the quality valves.
The valve market development, will also benefit from the advance of the entire industrial sectors, such as the petrochemical industry, power industry, metallurgical industry, with the upgrading of the industrial-scale increase in demand for valve products, such as the National Eleventh Five-Year during coal units, the implementation of the project will bring 153,000 tons of demand for valves.
Valve industry market has benefited from global trade
China's valve industry in recent years, the volume of exports increased year by year, the domestic valve products are more and more recognized by the international market. With the strengthening of our country's position in international trade, business, and developed countries, the product structure adjustment, China's valve products will also gain greater market space.