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Wedo: three transformations to reach achievement for industry experience.

Wedo: three transformations to reach achievement for industry experience.

In the past two years, as countries increasingly to the development of clean energy, a large number of nuclear power hydropower project is approved. After the completion of the project, how to ensure the safe operation? The valve, is a vital component. For example, gate valve to shut off the working medium for flow control, same as ball valve etc. 

Located in the high-tech zone (south of the city's streets) of nantong guodian power station valve co., LTD., design and manufacture of the domestic industry to fill gaps in nuclear nuclear forged steel valves, all become into domestic special equipment manufacturing industry a dark horse. More rare is that enterprise has recently passed the examination and approval by the German Rhine group of the European Union access certification, recognized by the international market.

"Ming for change, knower system according to the matter." From a little-known small businesses in the industry has an overwhelming black horse, Wedo valve took less than a decade. The chairman yong-xiang hu said, in the process, the most worth reading keywords is "the transformation" two characters.

Production capacity From manufacturing to qualitative transformation

Customer sent a full set of design drawings and data parameters, the workers "in the gourd painting gourd ladle" produced, then the inspection/p, it is early guodian operation process of the valve. Will produce the ability as a unique core competitiveness, the enterprise once stalled.

Realize may be replaced by similar enterprises after the crisis, guodian valve began the transition from manufacturing to build quality. Yong-xiang hu said, "this is a continuous digestion and absorption, summarize the process of innovation, can be referred to as" foreign serve China ". In simple terms, is in the OEM for foreign enterprises in the process of product design and materials found on the window, to its own technology advantages, to merge their design concept, promote to cooperate with other customers. "The customer feel we gradually is an innovative enterprise, enterprise's external image has improved, living space also expand accordingly." Guodian valve yong-xiang hu tells a reporter, now, can according to customer demand, from design to finished product packaging factory in the all links.

The marketing strategy From domestic to export transformation

Have a first-class production technology, how to let more customers know? Yong-xiang hu said: "to understand marketing and technological innovation are equally important." Not long ago, guodian valve through the German Rhine group authorized access to the eu certification. Plus already by the French international BV inspection group of CE (European unity) certification, issued by the review last year by the American petroleum institute API certification and 5 a to the top ranks of the domestic special equipment manufacturing license certification, the certification of the guodian valves have a rare in our industry.

"With the highest level of domestic special equipment manufacturing license, we can put the products are sold to domestic large thermal power projects; with internationally recognised qualification, we can put the products sold to foreign market. This is the reason why we put the qualification in marketing first." Yong-xiang hu continue explained to the reporter, Germany's rwe authorized access to the eu certification is the enterprise obtain the qualification of the highest value of a, "in the international market is generally believed that Germany authorized by more rigorous certification, for the guodian valve to open the European market have laid a solid foundation."

Product structure From low-end to high-end transformation

Wedo valve has dozens of large and small, that we have produced one of the biggest weight of 15 tons, two stories high. Such a big guy, for production equipment and technical personnel have quite high demand, but it is the enterprise up and down "good heart". "In the past to sell a truck small-bore valves profits, now sold a large diameter valves can be obtained." Yong-xiang hu said.

Now, with a number of major nuclear power, thermal power projects at home and abroad, timely adjustment of product structure of gate valve, ball valve etc, Wedo valve established with nuclear power valve is given priority to, the development direction of thermal power, petrochemical valve is complementary. This means that in the future, in guodian valve in the workshop, there will be more and more high technical content of large diameter high temperature and high pressure forged valves. In yong-xiang hu's view, the other companies do not produce the products as its leading products, more can reflect the enterprise's core competitiveness.