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There are several kinds of valve marketing modes in China

As in the low pressure valves, steel valve is indispensable to building and house improvement building materials products, but the valve brand in China there is no form giant gathered, small and scattered, technical threshold is low, the vicious competition phenomenon is serious, exist: the phenomenon of bad money out good money. Appear this kind of phenomenon is the main reason, and valve brand marketing model has the below points to do.

The steel valve brand marketing model basically has the following ways:

1. The engineering model

The dealer of lots of customers is the original iron valve, as collocation, choose a kind of steel valves, the dealer is given priority to with engineering unit, mainly in real estate, water companies, heating unit, oil, chemical industry and other direct customer demand as the supply; But an engineering unit of the agent supply is limited, the manufacturer can't, myself more developing agent, so that each region, has several or more agents, dealers finally formed the situation is not main, can sales is sales, customer enthusiasm is not high. The disadvantages of this kind of sales model is a manufacturer to get rich quick, impatient for success, is a brand with high visibility, but not to buy degrees. Many other brands such as welco valve, is doing the sales way;

2. Direct marketing mode

Directly set up offices, engineering unit manufacturer sent negotiations, such as welco valve, most water/gas/oil company's use this brand, the main reason is the factory negotiate directly with water/gas/oil company, dealers distribution directly. In human resources is abundant, this kind of model is more popular. But as the rising labor costs, the model's decline. A lot of wenzhou modest manufacturer also adopt this kind of sales model, but they are under the precondition of manufacturers to find suitable agents, a choice.

3. Group purchase mode

Ball valve for professional and particularity, the general water/gas/oil company group procurement, professional water/gas/oil company in closed condition, concentrated in a few manufacturer sourcing, form the monopoly model. But as countries increase of bidding and anti-corruption, this model will be gradually replaced by other competitive brands.

4. Distribution mode

Part of wedo valve brand to take this kind of sales model, through the agent, wholesale, distribution channels to the various outlets.

Valve brand is basically the several marketing model to promote the brand, from the form, the technique is simple, single and extensive; Imitate each other between the brands, the price war is unavoidable, the result is: the Chinese valve without an aircraft carrier grade brand, brand to the main reason for the big brands gathered.

Valve brand in China, of course, there are the differences of regional sales and versatility, this project analysis is done in the future. Companies are also lack of market research and development of courage. Valve enterprise short-sighted and get rich quick valve industry is currently expanding the development bottleneck.

Valve to change the current status of brand, need is the enterprise long-term plan, first of all dealers need professional training and guidance, pay attention to service, emphasis on terminals, expansion of hydraulic, advertisements; Change of existing sales model is a kind of inevitable, at the same time also can bring the throes of market for short periods of time, through labor, the development of the enterprise will be on the road. Internet + age, of course, who won the consumers change, user; Who will win the future.