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The main reasons for chinese valve manufacturer can't become stronger

The main reasons for chinese valve manufacturer can't become stronger are: brand, single poor marketing, rough extensive, in fact valve products in China, there is still no universal difference and the product of a large area. For example: the northeast and north, northwest, south China on product shape varies greatly. Near two provincial sales of product differentiation is very big, such as product sales, Shandong and Henan is not the same, which determines the manufacturers must develop different markets for different products, that a product mentality definitely eat around the world It is wrong.
    First, the vast Chinese market, product differentiation big
    Mainly the East and West, the product structure of each region differ greatly increase the factory's stocks and funds used. Meanwhile manufacturers lack of market research, reluctant to develop new products to adapt to the market, the result is some very good regional sales, and some area is unsatisfactory, the reason probably is that product manufacturers in the region uncompetitive.
    Second, the market divided into three levels
    Overall, China's valve market divided into three distinct levels and differences, a northeast level; the north and northwest of a hierarchy; the other a regional level; which, in the region there are subtle differences, so this is a lot of valve business in some areas the market is strong, but the country is not competitive reasons.
    Third, the rise of the professional valve enterprise
    For the complexity and particularity of China valve market brands, there have been many highly specialized valve brands, such as HVAC professional to do the valve business, specialized in gas valve company, most of the water valve business Division mainly to cover other product lines, such as Amico, Jack dragons.
    Plumbing valve industry, one of the reasons do not, that is, large regional differences, the product is not universal. For the difference of the valve market, the need to constantly integrate product lines, the development of marketable products, so far as possible and common series of diversified products. So as to try to gain the initiative in the occupied less money, but to better meet the market.
    Chinese copper valves business development so far this bottleneck, and so companies have a certain relationship within the industry. A few years ago the real estate industry in the stage of rapid development, domestic and foreign trade situation of each enterprise are pretty good, missed a good opportunity to adjust and brand planning, manufacturers have been very comfortable, did not take into account the "new normal economy," the industry with to impact. Coupled with low barriers to entry, competitors and more, under the new normal, everyone vicious competition.
    Most brands do business mentality valve brand to the mentality of businessmen to do business, brand development, lack of long-term business planning, shoddy work blindly in the products above, the final result is the industry's vicious, homogeneity, everyone no long-term business planning program;
    Lack of long-term planning is the need for long-term brand development and planning things to cultivate, "people have their finest hour", the valve business if we do not strengthen the innovation, the creation of a business development direction, or be eliminated sooner or later thing. Technology behind the current domestic production of some valves or low-tech, low value-added products, for new products, new technologies lack of interest, such as new product development involves investment in research and development, and promotion of new products, many manufacturers do not want to do this , foreign companies can only back, eat cold leftovers. How companies might be bigger and stronger. Market competition is always survival of the fittest, the valve industry, too.
    At the same time, industry professionals also lack an important bottleneck restricting the development. Lack of planning and the introduction of long-term business development talent, the whole development of the industry is also a disadvantage.