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The main problems facing for waterworks valves

Currently chinese waterworks valves from the water plant to the home network crisscross. A large number of domestic valve are required to equippe with rapid development.
    Currently chinese valve may exist main problems are as below:
    1) shell material low elongation is not enough.
    2) non-standard coating, valve reverse sealing performance is poor.
    3) gearbox leaking rust, swing check valves accident-prone, head losses.
    4) slow closing cylinder oil spill out of control.
    5) water hammer with valve types are numerous but less reliability, adjust the flow regulator technology is not yet fully grasp and so needs to be improved.
    General requirements to have optimized valve performance five, namely: sealing performance, strength properties, regulating performance, operational performance and flow characteristics; also asked to have a simple structure, easy energy saving, maintenance, five water hygiene and corrosion resistant long life pursue.
    As described above, according to incomplete statistics valve 80 billion annual output value to 1 00 billion yuan. Product varieties has reached more than 3,000 models, nearly more than 30,000 specifications. On the variety, quantity of water to meet the basic needs of the company; in terms of quality, although in recent years has made great progress, but the product the more industrialized countries, there is still a wide gap, especially in China's valve market chaos, inferior products flooding the market , doubtful authenticity, some of the water supply valve products can not meet the requirements of high-quality companies, while a number of water companies there are some management problems, which leads the water supply industry technology needs to be further improved.