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Introduction to valve industry resources

Introduction to valve industry resources
Improve the level and grade of the products, is China valve industry development to break through the primary issue in the future. The entire valve industry downturn, led to the behind of the valve products in our country, this is an important factor restricting the development of valve products in China. Before the government of the "west to east gas pipeline project", many domestic enterprises valve and "is passing by. But the environment factors, some other factors, such as equipment and backward technology, low degree of specialization, and small size of the market factor is the bottleneck which restrict the development of the valve industry.
For domestic valve industry, the mainland and the larger gap between coastal and inland valve industry starting point is low, small scale, low degree of specialization, marketization degree is not high, the widening gap with coastal, also led to the unbalanced development of the domestic valve industry.
Domestic valve industry to get rid of the dilemma, break through the bottleneck of bondage, to seek new development space, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and advanced technology, in order to arm themselves. Stop their position in the competition, must adopt corresponding measures. It is understood that in a period of time in the future, foreign capital will enter China's valve industry, this to the domestic valve industry is undoubtedly a strong stimulus.
Valve industry's development is inseparable from the high-quality talents. We have to learn how to scientifically allocation and application talents, do ", make the person ", and pay attention to the cultivation of the talent. Industry development cannot leave the talents, how to ensure the stability of the entire workforce and sharp is every production operators should consider the problem. The development of The Times, the progress of science and technology outstanding performance for the "new", continuous innovation in order to maintain the competitiveness of the industry development, leading to everywhere, can have a better way.
With the progress of science and technology and development, and constantly improve social and economic development speed, the valve industry competition is increasingly fierce, the valve industry in China is now in highly automated, intelligent, multi-function, high efficiency and low consumption in the direction of development.
Valve industry to seek greater progress, we must guarantee the quality of products strictly, pay attention to the improvement and innovation of valve technology, produce the real products to meet customer demand. As the valve manufacturer, to do listen more, think more, to deepen our understanding customer line their real needs, deeply analyze product problems and deficiencies, and actively find solutions, to prepare for the long-term development of the enterprise.