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Electric actuator has become the mainstream products on the machinery market

It is chosen mostly modern production control system of electric valve actuators, relatively conventional valve actuation device using safer, institutions are more simple, the service life of the stronger. Valve electric basic can be divided into two parts, first part is on the electric control part and the lower part is the main body part of the valve, electric actuator applications widely for adaptability under various working conditions is very high, so loved by the masses of users, has been when used as a safety intelligent valve control device.

When the electric actuator in practical application to reasonable operation process our users through three stages. First of all is to run early period. Meanwhile a fault are mostly type selection, design or installation and environment etc. For example when a moment so small could directly affect the electric valve actuators to adjust speed. If the installation will power circuit and signal lines together, can cause interference, affect the stable operation of the motor. These problems must discover and handle in time, lest cause needless loss. When the valve electric head into the middle of the operation control mechanism of the overall performance has also entered the adjustment period mostly are more stable, there will be individual small fault, users only can be properly maintained. And when the electric valve actuators into running late, mostly element body aging problems, especially the driving part and the serious problem of wear and tear resulting in decreased control operation stability, or intelligent locator module positioning accuracy. To these questions users should find out the reason to get a better solution by repair or replacement parts.

Electric actuator has become the machinery the mainstream products on the market. Cannot lack most is in the automatic valve electric actuator, at work can effectively save energy consumption. The advantages of electric actuator performance determines when use can effectively improve the work efficiency and energy saving. Motor is various, the kinds of Angle in the market have different properties such as the electric top electric head. The most commonly used to electric head is the most traditional electric head. In more advanced ROM toelke electric actuator compared with the traditional electric actuator is relatively inferior a lot, but it doesn't affect the traditional electric actuator of the market.

The traditional advantages of electric actuator. Energy use is more convenient, only need to plug in the power supply can be work. Transmission signal when the speed is relatively fast, and able to transport long distances. In long-distance transmission control will not be affected, at the time of control still has strong precision, not because they are too far away can't control. Install the visual connection process is relatively simple, not complicated. When malfunction can quickly check out the problem of point, line change quickly when line to replace the new line will be out of the problem. Maintenance is simple, without having to consume large amounts of maintenance.

The disadvantages of electric actuator is structure is relatively complex, the fault occurs easily. Because of its complex structure, need to have strong professional knowledge and technical maintenance personnel. In electric actuator failure fault can be quickly to solve, professional knowledge and technology is not high maintenance personnel in maintenance consumes a lot of time. To reduce the work time, reduces the working efficiency.

For executing agency is the most widely definition: a kind of can provide device driven by linear or rotary motion, it USES some kind of drive energy and work under the action of a control signal. Actuator using liquid, gas, electricity or other energy and through the motor, cylinder, or other device to convert it to drive.

The basic types of some rotary (Part - Turn), multi-turn (Multi - Turn) and straight travel (Linear) three drive modes.

The basic of the valve actuator is used to drive to the fully open or close position. Used to control valve actuators can accurately make valve walk to any location. Although most of the actuator is used to switch valve, but now the design of the actuator is far beyond the simple switch function, they contain a position sensor, torque sensor, electrode protection device, logic control unit, digital communication module and the PID control module, etc., and all these device installed in a compact enclosure.

Because more and more factories adopt automatic control, manual operation were replaced by a mechanical or automation equipment, the control system and the valve actuator will be the interface between the mechanical movement, more actuators to enhance work safety and environmental protection performance. In some dangerous situations, automation actuator device can reduce the damage. Some special valve requirements under special circumstances emergency open or closed, valve actuator can prevent the further spread dangerous at the same time to the factory to minimize losses. For some of high pressure large diameter valve, the actuator output torque is large, then the actuator must be raised high mechanical efficiency and use the output of the motor, so as to smooth the operation of the large diameter valves. For small torque of the valve, small electric valve application, also compared with the ordinary has light weight, compact structure, complete functions, etc.

In order to succeed the implementation of the process automation, the most important thing is to ensure that the valve can meet the special requirements of process medium and the pipe. Production process and process usually medium can decide the types of valves, valve core type and trims and structure and material of the valve.

After selection of valve and then consider the requirement of the automation is the choice of the actuator. Can simply press the two basic types of valve operation to consider actuators.

Rotary valve:

This type of valve including: plug valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and air door or flap. This type of valve need has asked the actuator torque rotate 90 degrees operation

Multi-turn valves:

This kind of valve can be rotating lift stem or rotate the lift bar, or they need more turn operation to drive the valve to open or close position. This type of valve including: pass valve (globe valve, gate valve, knife gate valve and so on. As a kind of choice, output linear pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder or thin film actuator also drive the valve.

Electric actuators advantages:

The main advantage of electric actuators is a high degree of stability and the user can be used of constant thrust, maximum actuators that generates the thrust can be as high as 225000 KGF, can achieve only so big thrust hydraulic actuators, but the cost is higher than the electric hydraulic actuators. Electric actuator deviates from the resistance is very good, the output of the thrust or torque is basically constant and can be very good to overcome the medium unbalanced force, to achieve accurate control of process parameters, so the control accuracy is higher than pneumatic actuators. If with servo amplifier, can easily achieve positive and negative role reversal, also can easily set off valve position signal status (maintain/full open/close), and failure, must remain in situ, which is less than pneumatic actuators, pneumatic actuators must use a set of integrated protection system to achieve the position.