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Discourse the chinese valve market trends

1. Toward large-scale development for chinese construction, so they need a large diameter and high pressure safety valve and pressure relief valve, but also need to quickly shut off valve.
2. Energy development is the energy-saving. From the perspective of energy conservation to develop the steam water delivery valve to the subcritical and supercritical parameters of development.
3. There will be a transition to the energy-saving and environmental protection direction for Urban construction,. Before we general use low pressure valves, especially the low pressure valve in cast iron. Now we mainly use the environmental-protective plastic valve, balance valve, metal sealed butterfly valve as well as concentric butterfly valve. For transporting oil and gas equipment, now gradually use pipeline to transfer, they need more flat gate and ball valves.
4. To aim at complete sets of engineering, the valve suppliers should to produce multi-types and multi-specifications. A valve supplier can meet all the demands of the project which has become a trend.
Chinese valve market has been basically formed state-owned, joint venture, stock, and individual private coexisted. If an enterprise want to obtain the steady development in the fierce market competition, then process to look at several aspects as below.
1, To strive to reduce the productive cost, focus on improving product performance and efficiency.
2. To develop the high-tech products on top lever in the development or produce small groups of non-standard products.
3. To get approvals for international quality certification.
4. The valve products should be developed to environmental protection, energy-saving direction.
5. On the basis of the original valve varieties, expanding the production of other varieties and types of valves.