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Corporation Culture

Enterprise goals:

Short-term goal: creating own mode, to build a modern enterprise

Long-term goal: to create an international valve manufacturing base

Enterprise spirit:

innovation, pragmatic, scientific, harmonious

Enterprise purpose:

To lead the latest trend of the times

Enterprise philosophy:

concept leads innovation, quality creates brand, efficiency and competition for speed, and technology to create perfect

Management philosophy:

A system to regulate the behavior

To be of cohesion and affinity team

To drive the development of mechanisms

To reach the strategic goals

Business strategy:

a brand-oriented, market pioneer, resource integration, overall coordination, step by step, vertical and horizontal propulsion

Business philosophy:

Work hard, efforts to enhance the marketing services; portrait to create, extend services market

Norm of Conduct:

integrity of life, practical work, science and technology enterprises, undertakings serve the country

Enterprise values​​:

brand + employees + Social = Enterprise Value

Quality Policy:

Technology to create the perfect, choicest goods to contribute to society

Business management principles:

management normalized as the cornerstone
The expansion of the market as a platform
Product innovation as the pillar
Technical progress for the beams
The quality of excellence for the protection
To build a solid and brilliant Enterprises Building

Business goals:

to establish a national brand-name status of the valve industry, and ranks among the world valves professional brand

Talent philosophy:

people-oriented, to achieve the combination of capital and widsom; industry serve the country, reflecting the life and career value

Quality philosophy:

quality cast "WELCO" brand, enjoy reputation globally

Market concept:

the fate of common, "win-win" interests; together with production and sales, expand market

Service concept:

family, fast, standardized, perfect