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China Valve Association held in Shanghai

May 14, China General Machinery Industry Association valves Branch (abbreviation: China Valve Association) members of the Seventh Conference held in Shanghai, this Congress is a general Assembly Valve Association organized another event is the valve industry, from domestic valve industry more than 350 business leaders with the national energy Administration, China Association and the end-user through the unit and other leaders together to discuss the exchange, so as to promote the further development of the valve industry. And elected the new Council, marking the success of China Valve Association general.
    At its meeting on the morning of the 14th Song Yin Li presided over the Chinese Valve Association Secretary-General, the first major agenda of the meeting is: China Valve Association for legendary director made a "new normal adaptation, seize new opportunities, in" Thirteen Five "to achieve transformation and upgrading, "the sixth valve Association Council's work report, the report focuses on three parts, one industry overview, the second is the Association review, the third is the future focus valve Association recommendations. Executive vice president Zhang column Bulletin 2014 Seventh China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition awards, the Sui Bin, orioles and other leaders for the award winning units; leaf occasion declared Vice Chairman informed 2016 China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition Awards situation; g Wang, vice chairman informed of preparations for the 2016 China international fluid Machinery (Indonesia) exhibition; Wu's new vice president to make changes "in the organization through the Association valves Branch work" legend; Ding Qi, vice president announced valves Branch seventh Council recommended principles and the list of candidates; Song Yin Li Secretary-general made a brief description of the candidate list, followed by the meeting to vote, unanimously adopted the list of candidates in the seventh Council valve Association general election.
    When the Assembly adjourned, followed by China Valve Association seventh meeting of the Council, the Council mainly election agenda, together with the leadership council 94 new units through centralized meeting and unanimously by the Council and the election of the new organization list of agencies, Sui Bin, Oriole and other leaders to nominate candidates for president do illustration and for general working valve Association made an important speech, the new president made a legend in his inaugural statement, vice chairman and secretary and nominated a list of candidates meeting seventh on the list of vice chairman of the Council and the Secretary-General proceeded to vote unanimously adopted the seventh Council vice chairman and the Secretary General of the nominations.
    Then, we continue to focus on meeting the General Assembly, the Secretary-General Song Yin Li read the Seventh China Valve Association Council election results, through the Association, vice president of China, Dalian High-Valve Co., Ltd., to continue to serve as the legendary Seventh Council chairman, Chinese Tong Association vice president Zhang as the new full-time vice chairman of Song Yin Li continued to serve as the new Secretary-General of the Association, and another 94 companies to form the new Council, which Suzhou Neway valve Co., Ltd. General Manager Lu Bin Jiangsu Mitac valve Co., Ltd. Wu Jianxin, chairman, Jiangsu Su salt valve Machinery Co., Ltd. Han Zhenghai chairman, propaganda Industrial Group leaf occasion declared chairman Wang Hanzhou Chaoda valve Group Co., Ltd. as the chairman of the new vice-president, while Jiangsu ie valve Group Co., Ltd., chairman of money stub, Suzhou high pressure valves, Ltd. Tao Zhibin as the general manager of the new Association executive director, this new council and the new director, full-time vice chairman, vice chairman the Secretary-general, executive director, and everyone in a formal declaration to the applause of the produce, marking the new Council general success!
    At the meeting, the new president to do the legendary inaugural statement, said he would lead the new council to do the work of the Association, and more the role of associations, in particular to do more work in the localization of the valve and the valve industry transformation and upgrading, further promote the healthy development of the valve industry.
    In the morning session of the National Energy Board Science Equipment Department Deputy Director Huang Li delivered a speech, she focused on the analysis of national macro developments and national energy development survey on how the valve industry and the healthy development of the industry made an important speech, she earnestly requested valve manufacturing production must enhance product quality, to the user to make high quality products, mostly for domestic equipment valves burden-sharing, but also for the good cause of national energy development contribution.
    Then, Sui Bin President also made an important speech, he highlighted the hope that the new Council improve the work of the Association for the development of the industry to make new contributions.
    Before the end of the morning, all the participants and members of leading business leaders and representatives posed for pictures together!
Afternoon for the second item on the agenda, the meeting had to legendary director presided over the meeting, mainly to discuss the exchange contribution to the subject matter of the valve industry, there have been eight users leaders and experts to do the exchange speech, they are CGN Wang Jiao Speaker: "Hualong One nuclear power valve localization situation and market Prospects"; Lin Lei ECEPDI Speaker: "thermal power valve localization situation and market Prospects"; Tao Jing Sinopec Speaker: "Sinopec valve procurement situation and valve demand" ; oil Li Ce Speaker "in the oil valve procurement situation and valve demand"; Shanghai Eaux Shan hair Speaker: "urban construction water valve construction of the valve market"; Beijing digital generous company Lei Yi Speaker: "industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing valve industry practice "; Chaoda valve Group Co., Ltd., chairman Wang Hanzhou Speaker:" Reflections on the development of the valve industry under the new situation "; Ningbo born seals Limited Lai Hang, chairman of the root do:" Research and application of low-leakage valve packing . "
    In legendary director before the end of the meeting made a concluding statement, he said that the main is to improve the Association through the exhibition, to promote the localization of major equipment to do the work, strengthen research work, and guide the healthy development of the industry; strengthen international exchanges and help enterprises to go out, explore the international market, and guide enterprises to upgrade innovation and development; in the future development of the industry and strive to achieve new development in the new normal, to develop into the record, for the realization of a dream and make greater contributions to China. Total final announcement on the successful conclusion of the meeting, the meeting reached the general success of the expected results, China's valve industry will promote the further development and improvement in the new round of development.