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An Outlook for the Development of Water Drainage Valve in 2012-2013

An Outlook for the Development of Water Drainage Valve in 2012-2013
(1) market overall demand continued to maintain steady growth
Mechanical processing and manufacturing, to the water valve manufacturing industry and its market development is mainly affected by the stimulating effects of the downstream application market. According to statistics of China General Machinery Industry Association, the world's total demand for the types of valves, industrial valves, including about $ 60 billion, of which approximately $ 6.84 billion to the water valve. With the growing demand of developing countries on the control valve, and environmental protection valve, to the water valve industry is expected to remain stable growth.
From the perspective of the domestic situation, the infrastructure is the focus of China's economic construction, water supply and drainage in size, since the global economic crisis, the state increase its infrastructure investment, water treatment equipment manufacturing industry has been formed, including water supply and drainage valves water industry, provide a huge space for development of the drainage valve industry.
(2) large diameter, large diameter valve market, domestic production capacity, market demand
With the constantly increasing rate of urbanization in China, urban population growth, the scale of the supply quantity of the water plant and sewage treatment plants and sewage treatment is to gradually increase the caliber of the pipe network is increasing and therefore require a large number of various types of large diameter, large diameter drain valve door. At the same time, into the water conservancy construction and management of various types of flood control, drainage, irrigation, water supply and drainage, hydroelectric power, water and soil conservation, water conservation and other works of construction is very strong demand for all types of large diameter, large diameter water supply and drainage valves, resulting in At present, large-caliber and large caliber to the drain valve capacity production can not meet the downstream market demand growth. The next few years, China continues to accelerate the implementation of comprehensive management of a new three projects of the Huaihe River and Taihu Lake, Dongting Lake, Poyang Lake, and promote key sections governance of Ningxia and Inner Mongolia reaches of the Yellow River, Yangtze River middle and lower reaches of the river regime control major rivers, "South Water Transfer to North” project of the century the launching of the project will continue to boost the scale of demand for products of various types of valves, especially in large diameter valve, large triple offset butterfly valve, large diameter turbine inlet valve, large diameter flow control valve and the varieties of the large diameter vacuum valve. Due to the large diameter and large diameter valve production on the technical and technological requirements to be much higher than normal valves, a single product with higher added value, a higher demand this level of product design and processing level.
Currently, only some of domestic enterprises can meet the requirements for technology and equipment, most of the other companies in the industry to the production of normal small diameter valves, from the entire industry, the production of large diameter water supply and drainage valves production will appear in a steady growth trend. According to take intermediate values ​​between the valve Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association statistics, large diameter and large diameter valves in the field of water supply and drainage, the share of sales accounted for approximately 50% to 60%, 55%, from 2009 to 2011 The size of the market was 82.4 billion yuan, 9.55 billion yuan and 10.58 billion yuan.